About EOA.Projects

EOA.Projects was established in 2011 as a production and career development platform for Edge of Arabia artists working between the Middle East, Europe and United States. Under the vision of Stephen Stapleton, founder of Edge of Arabia and The Crossway Foundation, EOA.Projects collaborates with artists in realising exhibitions and special projects with a specific focus on fine art prints and editions. EOA.Projects was set up as a trading arm of the not-for-profit Edge of Arabia and profits are used to support Edge of Arabia's touring exhibitions program and education projects delivered by their sister charity, The Crossway Foundation.

Artist Agency

EOA.Projects runs a unique agency which collaborates with artists in developing their work and building their career. EOA.P works intimately with selected artists, helping them to build a long term international practice while retaining independence and control over their own artistic and business activities.

Artwork Production

EOA.Projects develops and manufactures unique artwork and publishes prints and editions by contemporary artists. To date, our collaborations with artists and world class manufacturers has resulted in the creation of over 30 iconic projects which have been placed with notable international museum and private collections.

Founder & Team

EOA.Projects was established by Stephen Stapleton, an artist, curator and founder of Edge of Arabia and The Crossway Foundation. With extensive first hand experience of traveling in the Middle East,  and a close relationship with artists across the region, Stephen leads a dedicated and experienced team working between London and the Middle East.


T +44 (0)20 7350 1336


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